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Friday, 8 January 2010
The duplicity and lies of Peter Cole

It was amusing to see Peter Cole - Tom Wise's former office manager - ludicrously trying to claim credit for supplying information to this blog. He also claimed that John West was the author of this blog. He made these allegations on the British Democracy Forum and to some of GLW's contacts.

That he was allowed to published his delusions without having to provide ANY evidence clearly illustrates the corrupt and dishonest nature of Butcher's forum.

Even more laughable are those BDF posters who claimed that we, GLW and Mr West had failed to respond Cole's lies.

Clearly they lack the intelligence to understand the following statements:

Taken from the comments section of this blog:

And as for Peter Cole claiming to have supplied material to the Junius Team ...........

The only ‘information’ supplied to us by Cole was a badly written, rambling rant sent to the comments section of this blog by someone claiming to be Peter Cole.

It concerned Peter Reeve and GLW.

We rejected it as it was just a rehash of material already widely available on the net. After we rejected it he started to send abusive emails to this blog attacking GLW and the Junius Team. They usually ended with the words ‘F**k off and die soon’.

He is now banned from commenting on this blog due to his behaviour.

And for the record John West is not a member of the Junius Team.

Published 31st December.

And this from Mr West. Taken from the comments section of GLW's blog:

I am flattered to be the subject of such much attention. Thanks for telling me that Peter Cole is busy telling lies about me on the BDF. He says I am Junius. I had no idea!

You may be interested to know he has been telling people that I have never had published any books or articles. So would Cole like to explain why you can still buy some of them on Amazon?

Cole also claims that I lied about being an NHS governor. So I must have imagined standing for election to the NHS Trust!

And don't forget his other lie that I am unemployed and do not work for Suffolk County Council. So why Peter do they pay me every month for work you claim I have not done?

Peter’s old age must be affecting his memory or is it just bitterness because he could not get his own way in UK First? What a sad and nasty old man he has become. And thanks Greg for telling me about UKIP setting up a spoof website devoted to little old me. Please don’t forget to thank to Nigel and Mark for raising my profile!

Farage is even more paranoid than I thought. Getting a verdict against them in court and also helping to deny them a £1.2 million donation must have hit him harder than I thought. I must be making a difference!

Keep up the good work Greg. Your blog is excellent!

Best wishes John

Published 5th January

From GLW's blog:

I note with contempt that someone is so worried about Junius on UKIP they have set up a spoof site trying to frame John West as the author of the site.

I guess EUkip are finding Junius damaging and now that they have been so regularly exposed and their lies, corruption, racism, anti Judaism and the pursuit of self interest by a self seeking claque in betrayal of any principles or morality and especially in betrayal of the founding principles and the members of UKIP.

The panic would seem to have reached the stage where they will do almost anything - no gutter too deep - to espouse Junius and those who contribute to it within the EU.

There is alternatively the possibility that having tried to set up one decent man who showed them for the sordid low life's that EUkip truly is when their chosen Mark died they now seek to hound another.

The only other possibility is that one of the posters to Junius feels that his income is threatened by exposure and they are trying to side step that risk by framing John West.

My money is that Mark Croucher having made a fool of himself in his attempt to frame a terminally ill man whilst leaking material to strengthen the image having come unstuck finds that his position dealing filth for Farage is not as secure as he felt and willing to demean himself in any vile way seeks again to try to find favour dealing filth.

It is astonishing that EUkip have not yet worked out that who Junius may be is utterly irrelevant - the best way to solve the problem is to act ethically themselves.

There is little or no gain in seeking out the messengers one after another as there is no shortage of message.The first week of the new year will display that all too clearly.

I shall leave advertising the relevant spoof URL to the underhand filth that posted it or one of their vile cronies.It displays all the accuracy and lack of integrity or morality of The Common Man - oh so very common!

One should remember that EUkip's leadership scum have already been found guilty in a Court of law of using the internet to abuse and bully John West - this latest effort that has all the hallmarks of EUkip's leadership can do nothing but cause contempt and abhorrence amongst decent folk.

Another damaging own goal - would you really want these scum to hold any office of authority let alone their allegiances with racists, xenophobes, outright violence, anti Judaism and outright dishonesty?

Published 31st December. To see the original: LINK

So there you have it. Peter Cole is a liar. To find more on Cole and his dishonesty see: LINK
Posted by Junius at 22:30

To view the original of this in glorious technicolour!:

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